Climate change and the increasing world population force us to think about how we can continue to live in this world in the right way in the future. This puts pressure on the current way of consuming and producing. This requires action from consumers and producers.

Sustainability is were it starts

La Mezz believes that you as an individual could act on this, but at the same time believes that you should act as a company. Sustainability should not be an option for a company, but a starting point. Against this background, the clothing industry still has a long way to go. La Mezz believes that technological development will provide the solution.

Below are the projects we are working on.

1. Circular product design
Reuse has been considered in the design of the La Mezz products. La Mezz encourages customers not to throw away the products but to send them back. We turn this into a new and personalized product and send it back to the customer. We make the personalized product in a completely energy-neutral way.

  • Forcing customers to be more economical with clothing
  • Zero waste
  • The first garment with 0% CO2 emissions



2. 3D printing
This technology helps La Mezz to produce even more locally. In this way we shorten the production and logistics chain and reduce the lead times. We minimize geopolitical risks by producing close to home.

  • Faster production and delivery
  • Minimization of geopolitical risks
  • Less CO2 emissions

3. Drone delivery
Delivery by drone provides a more efficient and sustainable way of transport. The drone ensures an accurate delivery time and will never be late again due to traffic jams or diversions.

La Mezz has conducted research into the delivery of products by drone. It will first do pilots. After completion of the pilots, this method of delivery will be added as a special delivery option.

  • Up to 50% more efficient and more reliable
  • First clothing brand in Europe
  • More sustainable



Interested in working together or like to know more about the innovations within La Mezz? Please contact us via our Social Media channels or the contact page.